The Company

The company Foreas Truck Parts has established itself, with its many years of experience and its large sales network, as a reliable and valuable partner in the field of commercial trucks & vehicles and the spare parts trade.

Its facilities are housed in a space 22,000 sq.m. in Thessaloniki, with a full range of spare parts from various manufacturers such as Mercedes-benz, MAN, Scania, DAF and Volvo.

The company has achieved great collaborations in the last 20 years in Greece and abroad: Germany, Holland, Egypt, Syria etc.

With a dynamic investment package and high extroversion in the field of procurement, the company Foreas Truck Parts constantly aims at the development of a larger distribution network of new or used spare parts, but also for their proper commercial promotion.

Main Features of the company:

  • Immediate service to all customers
  • Cover all your needs in commercial vehicles of all types
  • Huge range of spare parts and immediate availability
  • Facilitate payments with our new installment plans
  • High quality guarantee
  • We undertake the financial processing and transportation for any vehicle you wish from abroad

From 1949 until today, we claim every day the trust of every professional in the field of spare trucks.

Our guarantee is our long time customers!